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We are currently recruiting good players of all classes.
First raid was done 06/07-2011 !
3 bosses down in BWD and
2 bosses down in BoT.
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Do you want to be part of something new? 
Then come join <Ragequit>, a newly founded horde guild on Frostmane

The founding fathers so to speak are four friends that have been playing together on and off in different guilds since Vanilla. 
Now we feel the time has finally come to start something of our own, to make a hardcore raiding environment to our liking. 
We all have a long raiding experience and cleared all Vanilla - TBC contents pre nerfs together and in Wotlk up to 3 hardmodes in ToC 25man done. 

Our goal with this guild is to make a mature but fun hardcore guild were contents get cleared fast and efficient. 
We all enjoy a good time on Vent and guildchat when not in raid but when raid start it’s serious business and we don’t want to waste time at wiping to unfocused players. Everything is so much more fun when things go smooth. That doesn’t mean we don’t expect to wipe because that is part of the progress, but every wipe should bring you a little step closer to the kill. 

We aim for a tight roster were ppl doesn’t have to be benched too often because we know that the kind of players we are looking for want to raid as much as possible.
We are currently located on Frostmane and so far we havent managed to scout that many players. So if you want
to be part of a guild from the start, don’t waste any time and send us your applications NOW!

Cross realm and cross faction applications are more than welcome!


What we are looking for in a player:
- know your class inside-out, and know how to play your role properly in a raid environment.
- can stay out of fires, void zones, blizzards, green clouds, black holes and everything else you are not supposed to stand it
- have long-term plans with World of Warcraft.
- raid because you enjoy the thrill of the progression, and not just for the shiny purples
- are able to attend at least 80% of the raiding days of our schedule without any problem.
- can deal in a positive way with receiving constructive criticism 
- are mature and know how to behave in guildchat and on Ventrilo, we don’t appreciate ppl making weird noises or babbling on Vent during boss fights
- are able to understand and communicate properly in English
- are always prepared for every raid with consumables that includes food, flask and regents
- gear always with best enchants and gems

So if everything above is what you have been looking for and you fit in on what we are looking for don’t hesitate and send us your applications on the forum.

You are also welcome to poke Hallis, Rabagast, Flakh or Stakkar in game if you have more questions

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